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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  January 1, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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seemingly disappeared. since the vermont judge ordered a switch in custody six weeks ago but miller failed to bring isabella by 1:00 p.m. at the family home in falls church. miller and jenkins married in a civil union in 2000 in vermont and had isabella through artificial insemination. the couple split up after miller denounced homosexuality and became an evangelical christian in 2003. the judge ordered the change in custody after miller repeatedly a-- failed to allow visitation for jenkins. jenkins filed a missing person's report and they could issue a warrant for her arrest. i'm outside of faulkier county hospital where one deputy is recovering from a stab wound in the face an another officer who was shot in the leg is recovering at home. deputy embery is back home with his family two days after being shot in the leg. >> i remember mainly at the beginning just laying there
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while the rescue personnel were working on top of me and remember my wife came to see me in the ambulance and getting in the helicopter. >> reporter: bullet grazed his stomach, entered his leg and a fragmented piece left an exit wound and tiffany embery, charles wife says it is amazing how one day later he was able to come back home. >> i definitely give him credit. you know, we take things for granted. we have been married for ten years, though. we get in to our routines, but, it's just -- you know, he's wonderful. he's a strong person. >> i'm armando trull at the verizon center where the wizards franchise player gilbert arenas is being investigated for allegedly bringing guns to the locker room and not playing nice. last week on christmas eve, the wizards said arenas was being investigated for bringing unloaded guns to the locker. however, the new york post reported today that arenas actually waved that gun at
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another player crittendon and then he allegedly waved his own gun at arenas. the investigation is underway. >> there are a lot of rumors out there. i can't comment on that. >> player and coachers had little to say about the gun incident. >> the team has made a statement and we're not going to comment further. >> we believe in each other. the team is family. so i don't think nothing like that happened. >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> the nba also issued a statement about the verizon center incident today. it reads -- investigators say smoke alarms helped a woman and her four kids escape an early morning fire unharmed. it happened in the 8900 block of somerset place northwest. dc fire officials say a space heater too close to a mattress started the fire. this is one year to the day of an electrical fire that killed five people in the district.
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lungcy mastis has more on that. more than 100 people are here for the candle light vigil. they are friends, family members and members of the church and none of them will forget the tragic morning. one year ago, six people lost their lives. tonight, the wilson family is receiving hugs and support. >> we are still going through a process of trying to, you know, deal with the loss. >> reporter: tonight is about remembering. >> we don't want to forget our loved ones. we are looking for closure. >> michelle wilson says her faith has kept her going. even her pastor was here. >> a great deal has changed. michelle and oscar, they fought the good fight because they remained faithful to their god and to their church, and we are just elated how they held up. >> good to know you have family and friends. >> reporter: the family's house is being rebuilt and they plan
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to return. in northeast washington, i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now and >> the dc fire department went back to the neighborhood around jackson street today to check and hand out working fire detector. the 9-year-old boy seriously injured when a tree fell in westminster has died. noah austeed was hit by a hickory tree on tuesday. they were getting ready for a hike when the tree came do you know. the 10-year-old girl also injured in the accident was treated and released from the hospital. a gray day to start off 2010. check with devon lucie on the weather terrace for the forecast first. >> the winds are starting to pick up outside. getting a little breezy. it will be down right windy once we go overnight to tomorrow morning. wind speeds 20 miles an hour. in gaithersburg below that. 9-mile an hour breeze and these are from the northwest. checking out the temperatures northwest of here as winds will usher in whatever blows over if
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it will be warmer air or rain and snow, brings that in and those colder temperatures are heading our way. we put in gusty winds and really frigid temperature and you are talking nasty wind chills. let you know exactly what we are talking about with the forecast a few minutes away. >> thank you. how many people do you think rode metro today? the correct guess can win you a $25 smart trip card. that's how metro will award the person to guess the correct number of riders without going over. cast your vote by going to and click on traffic for a link to metro. metro's s-2 bus carried a national geographic editor off on adventure today. he is traveling by bus and boat to make it to antarctica. >> most people in the world travel by bus. in america we travel by car and plane and i wanted to see if i could do it and as i did the research there is actually
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buses all the way. evan will ride buses all the way to the southern tip of south america before board ' boarding a boat to sail the rest of the way. he expects the journey to go through nine states and 14 countries and it will take about ten weeks. four college students aren't using their bus but their own legs to get to washington, d.c. they left miami this morning bound for the nation's capitol. the goal is to raise support for a bill that will allow eligible illegal immigrants to become american citizens. the trail of dreams walkers expect to finish their 1500- mile journey by the first of may. still ahead, paper or plastic. no matter what you choose you will still get charged for it in dc. and then later, logging on to help to save a historic local barn.
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you are husband to each other. that you are wife to each other. you are married [cheering and applause] >> back now with a look at the first 16 same-sex marriages performed in the state of new hampshire. the state legalized the unions at the stroke of midnight. the new year brings new fees for shoppers in dc. starting today the city is charging a five cent fee for each bag issued at the checkout line, paper or plastic.
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kristin fisher hits the streets to see how the new law is going with shoppers. >> this man is not happy. >> it is only 30 cents but it's the idea of it. it's the idea. >> they got a nickel out of me. they asked if i wanted a bag and i said sure and they said you have to pay 5 cents for each bag and i said in that case, forget the bagging the milk and the oranges and i'll take one bag. >> but shoppers at giant food stores got a bargain. >> we will be packing your groceries in reusable bags. >> at no cost to you. >> for one week, giant food stores in the district are giving out free reusable shopping bags in an effort to ease customers in to the dc law charging 5 cents for every paper or plastic bag. >> this is basically driven to help to clean up the environment and to teach people how to better reuse, recycle. >> reporter: part of the funds collected from the bags fee
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will go to cleaning the anacostia river. >> i think it is a good thing for the community and our environment. >> i think it will be a pain but it is a good thing. >> reporter: but other shoppers still aren't sold. >> i was appalled by it and it's another good reason to throw fenty and his crew out of office. >> i don't think this will work what they are telling the public. it is a way for the government to collect more money. >> reporter: in washington, kristin fisher, 9 news now and >> giant isn't the only grocery store giving away reusable bags. you can score a free shopping tote at cvs and harris teeter. the district is changing parking rules. by the end of the month, most meters will cost $2 an hour and you have to feed them until 10:30 downtown. you have to pay also on saturday. in virginia, the new year brings higher rates on the dulles toll road. all tolls went up by a quarter on that road today. that means you will pay a dollar at the main gate and 75
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cents at the off and on ramps. still to come, the first babies welcome in to the world in 2010. plus, devon comes back with a frigid weekend forecast and a look to the week ahead. keep it
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a new spin on the new year's eve ball drop. staffers at the science museum in roanoke dropped 11,000 bouncy balls in the atrium
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yesterday. kids hid under umbrellas while the balls came down and ran around collecting what they could. the first babies to arrive in 2010. >> this is the best thing i have done on new year's eve. >> reporter: joseph taylor at seven pounds and 12-ounces gets the title of first bane born in 2010 in inova hospital center. >> came early. >> reporter: he was born 12:03 a.m., a week before his expected due date. >> we're not going to have to calculate how old he is. >> it will be easy to remember. >> very easy to remember. >> reporter: and his birthday comes with special perks, gift baskets and fremontly dinners for a year at the local pizza place. >> last night happened to be an extremely busy night for us. >> reporter: inova had ten babies an hour last night, beating the average of ten babies a day. >> we joked about it because of
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the full moon but not because of new year's eve. >> reporter: this mom thinks the full moon had something to do with her delivery. her baby was the first born for the new year at shady grove adventist hospital. >> everything happens to fast. >> reporter: mom wasn't expecting the baby girl until january 19th. >> so precious. doctors say both mothers and babies are doing well and should be headed home in a couple of days to start the new year. virginia is hoping to get federal help after the snowstorm. a lot of snow end up under the wilson bridge in northern virginia. the commonwealth estimates it spent $35 million to clear the highways. federal rules say virginia can ask for reimbursement if it exceeded the historic record in a jurisdiction. the virginia department of transportation is hoping the federal government government will reimburse it with $27 million. utility workers are trying to get the power back to
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southwestern virginia. an appalachian power says hundreds may have to waite wait until sunday to get service back. at the height of the snowstorm, 250,000 customers were without power. hundreds of people needed some serious warming up after taking a polar plunge today at bethany beach. they carried on the tradition of running in to the atlantic to ring in this new year. as fast as they ran in to the water many were speedy to get out again. >> it is not that bad when you run but it is when you go under that it is freezing and you stay under the water it is all right. >> then you are still freezing cold an hour after the swim but it is so worth it because you can say that you did it. >> reporter: okay. today's water temperature is 38 degrees. i personally don't have to say i did that. i don't know. just me. >> i love when people say it is freezing cold. well -- >> really? >> that's always the best one
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out there. >> it is going to be really cold this weekend. >> don't have to even jump in a lake to want to get inside to warmer air. we have serious cold air on the way. it is good news it is not as serious cold air as what they are experiencing in the upper plains. we will see where it is at. it is ridiculously cold temperatures. we call it the polar u.s. it is coming from the north pole and coming down and modifies before we get it here. that's it for us. next three days, 32, 31, high temperatures, might see a flake. we saw a couple of them with a front that blew through here and the winds picking up behind it. nothing to talk about. no storms in the future. winds are already 10 to 20 miles an hour and gusts toward 30 in some places. the wind chill makes it feel like the teens right now. cold and windy tomorrow. 15 to 25-mile an hour winds gust higher. some outlying areas in the
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upper single digits for temperatures, at least in the wind chills. the rest of us will feel like the lower teens. lower to mid teens tomorrow afternoon. actual air temperature is at the freezing mark. that is a moot point at this time. 21 is the official air temperature at reagan national. these are current wind speeds. 21-mile an hour winds at reagan national. dulles with 23-mile an hour wind from the northwest and that's the only thing we are watching on the microcast is the stronger northwest breezes coming through. and then also the windy conditions that are here in place. not only through the weekend but breezy winds going through next week as we will see in the seven-day forecast, too. take you outside and show you this huge storm system that is going to dump a lot of snow up in northeastern parts of new england, upper new england. we go to the north central plains here and northern plains 17 below is the actual air temperature in bismarck, north dakota. that is just ridiculous freezing temperatures. now, that very cold arctic air
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is spilling our way courtesy of the northwest winds but the good news is the wind comes over slightly warmer ground and the air comes over slightly warmer air on the ground and with the northwest breezes it warms up ever so slightly but frigid temperatures, especially for the stronger winds factors in to make wind chills feel like this this afternoon. 13-degree readings through northern and anne arundel county to the bay. still feels like 13, 14 with the wind chill and the same for the district. montgomery, howard and frederick counties. it will feel like the upper single digits by tomorrow afternoon with stronger winds. colder temperatures and 20s there. northern virginia, loudoun, fairfax, prince william counties, anywhere from 11 to 13 degrees is what it will feel like for a wind chill factor tomorrow afternoon. as i mentioned the strong winds won't die down much. it will be breezy as we go through the middle of the week, too. and temperatures don't budge as we will continue northwest winds not only through the week
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but the middle of the week, the entire seven days. the big storm in the northeast is going to stay there. not going to move and it continues to ride that polar express as we call it bringing the cold air in. >> so nice. thank you. a maryland farmer is asking for your help in fixing his historic barn. you don't need a hammer or nail just your computer [ mooing ] >> this is my 1856 bank barn. the reason they call it a bank barn it was cut in to the hillside here. >> here on this farm in maryland, james mckenzie shows his barn. >> it is hand made, post and beams. it's a nice old barn. >> reporter: at over 150 years old it has seen better days. >> see how this one is broken. broken there and there. and there. >> reporter: and beams have cracked over the years and other work needs to be done. >> my theory is, to a certain extent, is if it is on fire you
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have to fix it. if it is smoldering, you can let it go a little bit, and this is smoldering. >> reporter: most fires you put out with water. this one you fight with soup. that's right, soup. campbells soup is having a contest on-line. the top five will get their barns rebuilt free of charge. >> nice to get a helping hand on something that i want to stay here long after i'm gone. >> reporter: why do it? >> nobody would build this type of barn now. so if it is not restored, it would be another bank barn lost. it's not cost effective to build a bank barn these days. >> i'm going to pass it on to my son. he's 15 and i look forward to him taking the reins in another 20 years and it will be his responsibility. >> this is a fantastic opportunity for the mckenzie family and for frederick county. a beautiful opportunity to preserve a piece of history. >> reporter: in union bridge, kurt brooks for 9 news now and
7:23 pm >> the mckenzie's barn is in third place in the voting. you can vote for your favorite barn every day until the contest ends on january 5th when the winners will be announced. log on to and click on this story in maryland news. we will be right back in three minutes with a special new year's day celebration. i got no pulse. we're losing him. charging. he's in v-fib. let's shock him. he drives that road all the time. we just had a few drinks. this can't be happening. are we clear? clear. we were just buzzed. just buzzed? you didn't tell us that, sir. you're right, this isn't happening. he'll be fine. yeah, i feel good. really? no. not really. announcer: buzzed driving. maybe we should stop acting like it's no big deal.
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a special celebration for one virginia man this new year's day. maryland johnson celebrates his 100th birthday on the first day of ten. he's been a deacon for 65
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years. his house has also served as the parsonage. he has 12 children, 28 grandchildren and 40 great grand kids. talk about a legacy and a way to ring in the new year. that's our report. back here tonight at 11:00. tonight we are working on a discovery that could be man kind's next step on the moon. and we will look at why we are not so good at keeping new year's resolutions. don't forget, you can log on anytime at i'm anita brickman, see you later. at soyjoy, we believe the best foods grow from the earth.
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whole. in the fields and on the trees. which is why we use only whole soybeans-- naturally rich in nutrients, like protein, fiber, and antioxidants-- instead of soy extract. we take those soybeans, with all their goodness, and mix them with fruit. then we bake them into soyjoy. soyjoy. whole soy. whole goodness.
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"entertainment tonight" in high definition. >> denzel washington. >> put that hand on me again, you won't get it back. >> mel gibson. >> welcome to hell. >>dicaprio, jennifer lopez, johnny depp. >> you're terribly late now. >> russell crowe, tom and cameron, robert downey jr. >> it's good to be back. >> and the 19 stars of valentine's day. fasten your seat belts, grab your popcorn, we've got the ultimate 2010 movie preview. then, a 300-pound unknown grabs the hearts and minds of america as "precious." >> i just kind of got used to the idea i was never going to be famous. >> how gabby went from obscurity to oscar front-runner. >> my dad shot me up with coke when i was 17.


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